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The American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the study and awareness of the art of South and Southeast Asia and the Himalayan regions. In addition to periodic symposia, usually held every two years, ACSAA pursues these goals through variou s projects, including its annual bulletin, bibliographies, a color slide project, a microfiche archive and outreach materials. Since its incorporation in 1967, ACSAA has grown from its original fifteen members to an organization of some three hundred individuals and institutions. ACSAA is formally affiliated with the College Art Association (CAA) and the Association of Asian Studies (AAS).

ACSAA Symposium 2015
Visit the Symposium website here!

We are pleased to announce that the American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA) will hold its 17th biennial meeting at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada, on October 15-17th, 2015.

ACSAA symposia occur in alternating years, and serve as opportunities to meet colleagues, reconnect with mentors and graduate school cohorts, and share one's current research with the field. From senior scholars to graduate students, ACSAA symposia are one of the primary ways ACSAA members gather and support one another, share ideas with a group of like-minded colleagues, and participate in the ACSAA community.

Please send any inquiries about ACSAA Symposium XVII to 
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2014 Bulletin now available for members: Our latest Bulletin (#74 - 2014) is now available!  After logging in, navigate to the Publications (Members) menu at left, click on Bulletin, and download the latest edition in pdf format. The Bulletin is only published on-line.

ACSAA Planning Committee Reports
Reports of ACSAA's planning committee are available for view here.
Report of the ACSAA Publications Committee 
Report of the ACSAA Development Committee
Report of the ACSAA Symposium Committee
Report of the ACSAA Travel Grants Committee

As always, the Careers/Conferences and Museum/Gallery pages are updated regularly with upcoming CFPs, jobs, conferences, exhibitions, shows, and talks. Please send announcements to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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